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A successful book sale involves the work of many people. Co-chairs are the best combination when beginning to plan your sale. This way each one can oversee specific aspects of the sale or at least the two can work together to have a “meeting of the minds” when necessary.

Your committee ideally will consist of people who have varied talents (and don’t we all). You will need your chair or co-chair, a publicity chair, which is one of the most crucial positions, and several committee members to work on the other parts including refreshments (important to the morale and maintaining the energy of the workers), sorters, pricers, packers, those unpacking, and those responsible for set up and clean up.

Each committee member in charge of a specific aspect can draft other members of your group to help in one or more areas.

A positive and congenial relationship with the Director of the Library is essential. It is most likely that the book collection will be done at the Library. These books will have to be taken to a designated storage area, most likely within the Library, and this will involve the custodian assisting with the moving of these books. Book donations will range from a few to several boxes, so a large enough donation area is important. The Library has to deal with these incoming donations, and it is important to have the cooperation of the staff as the process begins.

IMPORTANT: Book sales involve a great deal of carrying and hauling. Boxes of books are quite heavy. You will need volunteers to carry the boxes to storage and out, and possibly carry leftover books. If you do not have such a group, the recommendation is for you to advertise through the school for students who need community service (most schools require this now) or make contact with Scout troops. In addition, many libraries have a docent program where students volunteer for community service. If you work with the Library coordinator of this group, there are often many available workers to help.

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