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From the Simsbury Library


Throw it out:

  • If it smells or is moldy
  • If it has water damage
  • If the book no longer has a cover

Place in Discard boxes if:

  • The cover / or dust jacket is badly torn or is missing
  • Has pencil, pen, marker or highlighting
  • If pages are torn or missing
  • If the spine is badly cracked with loose pages
  • Books older than 1991
  • Business, Computer, Economics, Social Sciences or Travel Books older than 2006

Place in boxes by the door:

  • Bibles, National Geographic, Magazines and Condensed Books

High School Reading List:

  • Place in box under snack table

Maternity Books:

  • Multiples or books that do not meet our standards place in box under snack table

Special Books:

  • Very old text book (antique), Oversize books, coffee table books, books signed by author/illustrator, very old books (antique), leather bound, book plates or if you think it may be special, please place in Special Pricing boxes. Also, collections of a particular subject.

Not sure? Ask – you never know what smart aleck answer you may get! 

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