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Here are the results of my question about libraries that use companies that sell library donations and discard online or will buy library book sale remainders.

Better World Books (800-894-0242) –will accept donations and library discards but not journals, encyclopedias, VHS, records, cassettes; has screening software for selecting items to send to them; provides UPS shipping labels; will provide shipping boxes if needed; partners with literacy initiatives. Several libraries have used them and are very satisfied with their services.

B-Logistics (866-587-0889) – will handle all library discards and donations, including journals, encyclopedias, and damaged books; sells good items and recycles others; takes shipping costs out of future sale proceeds. One library reported problems with their service.

Book Prospector – accepts donated books and library discards that have ISBNs; selective screening software chooses which items they will sell; provides USPS mailing labels to print out. One library used this service and was happy with it.

Library Consignment (281-829-8293) – accepts donated books and library discards; books only – no encyclopedias or journals; screening software to determine which books will sell – those sent that don’t sell will be recycled; postage reimbursement and revenue for books sold sent to library once a month. No libraries responding have used this service.

Pro Quo, Glen Woodbury, 413-547-8101, 1# – will collect remainders after book sales; pays by the box. Several libraries used this service and were satisfied with it.

All agree that using any of these companies is not very profitable. Selling directly online makes the library more money but is very time consuming and labor intensive.

Many thanks to those who responded to my question.

Barbara Clark-Greene

Groton Public Library

52 Newtown Road, Groton, CT 06340

860-441-6750 | bclark-greene@groton-ct.gov

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