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Your sale days can take several forms and what your committee chooses you defines your sale, so consider the various options.

ADMISSION / FEE -Some groups charge an admission fee for a “preview night or day” or even for a few hours. Those who pay a fee are allowed the “first choice” of book selection.

DOUBLE PRICE -Some groups charge double the marked price of their books (the price they marked the book) for a few hours or a day. This is another type of “preview” where attendees pay no fee, but the double price in order to have a “first choice” of book selection.

MARKED PRICE -People attending the sale pay no admission fee and the marked price of the book.

HALF-PRICE -Books can be purchased at half the marked price on a designated day.

BAG SALE -Purchasers can fill a bag for a designated price. ( You supply bags)

Half-price and bag sale days are usually at the end of a sale to help reduce the number of books left.

SALE COMBINATION -A sale may be comprised of any number of combinations from the list above or of the committee’s own creation.

One example might be:

  • Double price for a few hours Thursday night for preview;
  • Marked price for books for Friday and Saturday;
  • Half-price Sunday from 9-1;
  • $5.00 a bag from 1:30-4:00. (a half-hour break when the sale is closed allows for preparation for this).

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