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Friends Fundraising in Connecticut – Presented by Carl Nawrocki

Giving to Libraries: presented by Barbara McGrath, Executive Director, Connecticut Urban Legal Initiative, Inc.

Legal Issues in Fundraising: presented, Priya Morgenstern, Esq. from Pro Bono Partnership and Reed Risteen, CPA from Blum Shapiro

Trends in Friends Fundraising– Presented by Sally Neale

Fundraising fact sheets from the Fundraising Exposition at Boot Camp 2013:

 Artist Book (Friends of Rathbun Library)

 Bakeless Bake Sale (Friends of Lucy Robbins Welles Library)

 Bookworm Ball (Friends of Phoebe Griffin Noyes Library)

Garden Tour (Friends of Farmington Libraries)

Gift Basket Sale (Friends of James Blackstone Library)

Loaves in the Stacks (Friends of David M. Hunt Library)

Mini Golf (Friends of Fairfield Library)

Scrabble Challenge (Friends of Beacon Falls Library)

Selling Books on Amazon (Friends of Guilford Free Library)

Taste of … (Friends of Durham Library)

Wine Tasting (Friends of Babcock Library)

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